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Honest Wolf x Friends

For thousands of years, humans have been finding amazing ways to use wool.
From tapestries and textiles to giant sails and world maps, we’ve weaved it into nearly every facet of our lives.

With our new exciting partnerships, we’re hoping to keep pushing our favourite material into the future – be it through form, function or fashion.
Check out the latest collaborations with our friends all over the globe.

Honest Wolf x Nigel Beach Sauna Hat

We’ve collaborated with Nigel Beach to bring you a hat that keeps you cool while you sweat. 

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Honest Wolf x WoolBabe Moses Basket

A link up between two of NZ’s most innovative Wool boutiques. This is for the wee ones!


Honest Wolf x Team New Zealand

Show your support with our limited line of homegrown accessories as the Kiwis takes on the world. 

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We're always looking for the next cool wool creations. If you have an interesting idea in mind, we're always happy to hear it out.
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