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What WOOL we do with it?

Sam and Sophie Hurley run the cutter at Honest Wolf. We are the third generation to farm at Papanui Estate, a sheep and beef farm near Hunterville, in the North Island of New Zealand.

We are doing our best to farm in a sustainable way to ensure that the 3,300 hectare property thrives for many generations to come.  Each year, vast amounts of wool are produced at Papanui by the flock happily roaming the hills of the property. The majority of our wool is produced for carpet, and with that in mind, we asked ourselves, what other ways could we put nature’s wonder product to good use?

The solution? 

Our Honest Wolf merchandise.

We asked ourselves what other ways we could put natures wonder product to good use. The solution? Honest Wolf.

A range of hardy, yet hip, everyday items made from Papanui Estate wool with the addition of locally sourced New Zealand leather for that extra bit of swagger. 

Now you've heard our honest truth, we think it’s time you grabbed your own Honest Wolf.