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Our Materials

We had a vision of making our wool work even harder, without making the animals break a sweat.
That’s why we let them graze on over 3,300 hectares of plush green New Zealand grass. It’s why all of our high quality leather is sourced from local farmers with similar ethics. Our goals are always longevity and durability.

If it can’t withstand the farm, we wouldn’t let it out in the city.

Papanui Estate Wool

Our wool is grown on Papanui Estate and shorn off twice a year. It’s a process that keeps our ewes happy and healthy, and helps us create our durable Honest Wolf pieces. Papanui Estate Wool is biodegradable, renewable, and best of all, sustainable.

Local Leather

Native New Zealand Leather is the natural choice to blend with Papanui Estate Wool. We have partnered with New Zealand Luxury Group, who work with the same ethical methods as us. It’s robust, takes on a defined shape, and it’s 100% Chrome-free.


Our Cotton isn’t just easy to clean and stain proof. It’s also detailed with a topographical map of Papanui Estate. The print includes the historic names of each paddock and shows you exactly where your wool started out.