web Honest Wolf On Tour - From Farm to India

Honest Wolf On Tour - From Farm to India

As a farming family, we started Honest Wolf with a deep understanding of the fashion industry. Kidding – we have ‘inside’ gumboots. As you can imagine, we had a lot of research to do. While the raw materials come from our 25,000 fluffy flatmates, you’d be shocked to know there isn’t a wool-to-felt store at the Hunterville shops. As a matter of fact, we couldn’t find the one we needed anywhere in New Zealand.

After a few Google translated emails to Germany, Spain and Mexico, we finally discovered an amazing family-run business in the Rajasthan region of Northern India. Unfortunately, because of all the covid stuff, we haven’t been able to meet face-to-face.

Until now.



Even though we both had our injections, flights booked and passports ready, we made the last minute call for one us to stay behind. Mainly because we weren't ready to leave our youngins with someone else just yet.

So after pulling straws, Sam packed his Weekender and Briefcase and took off to do big international business things. Surrounded with Delhi’s vast range of culinary options, Sam’s first meal was, and I need to make sure I spell this right, a chicken burger.



The next day, Sam met with our local agent, Anoop and his wife, Rupa. From the beginning, Anoop has been our middleman with the manufacturing company, and on this occasion, Sam’s tour guide.

However, their first stop was our assembling studio. This is where the final felts are turned into your new favourite accessory.



Sam then gained entry into the New Zealand High Commission by saying the names of five All Blacks. He then spent a bunch of time with High Commissioner, David Pine and his wife, Artie. 

After long discussions about the relationship between our countries, we are really proud to announce that we have joined the India New Zealand Business Council.



 After an eight hour train ride, Sam finally got to see the place where all the magic happens. Here’s where our wool is dyed and cut before it becomes Honest Wolves.

Rajasthan, is well known for its high quality felt and textile productions. Funnily enough, Sam also bumped into a flock of our Ewes’ distant cousins. Small world.



After three and a half years of zoom calls over our rural patchy Wi-Fi, Sam got to meet the family who put so much love into our pieces – Amit, Kusum and Kavita.

They spent the day talking about the processes, their working style, and potential products. It was a whirlwind of a trip.



Once back on home soil, I asked Sam if any photos stood out to use in this email. He was very sure that you would all want to see, “That one of me on the camel? How cool is that?

Any other questions about Honest Wolf, reach out for a yarn. Otherwise, as always, thank you all for the support.